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                         'The Ephemeral and the Enduring'

                     Pattern Texture and Time in the Desert

  Northwest Reno Library     September 3rd - October 29th   2022

                           Photographs    Linda Dufurrena

                           Words       Carolyn Dufurrena

'Ghost of April'   16x20 metal  =  $200.00

'Ghost of April'  16x20 metal  =                                                $175.00

Old newspaper used for added warmth on a miner's cabin wall at Scossa Mine.  The wind and rain

has since destroyed it.

web sage 3.jpg

'Life on the Edge I'  16x24 metal                                 =   $200.00

A sagebrush holding on to a crack in huge boulders.

web craine creek rocks.jpg

'Craine Creek'  16x24 metal  =  $200.00

Textures in a rock face in Craine Creek near Denio, Nevada.

'The Edge of the Great Basin'.jpg

 ' Antelope Valley '  16x24 metal                                  = $200.00

Valley near Denio, Nevada where the Great Basin ends and the Columbia Plateau begins.

farm with storm light.jpg

'The Endless Sky, The Neighbor's Farm'

 16x24  metal               =         $200.00

Off Hwy.140 on the way to Denio, Nevada.

molar mountain.jpg

'Molar Mountain'

20x30 framed canvas  =  $300.00

hills in late light.jpg

'Last Light on the Road to Camp'

 16x24 metal            =  $200.00

 Evening on northwest Nevada hills.

web winter warmth.jpg

'Winter Warmth'  16x20 framed

canvas            =  $250.00

Hot springs near Denio, Nevada

web wilder burnt trees .jpg

'After the Fire'   16x24

canvas framed = $250.

Reaching white limbs seem to be roots.

'Life on the Edge II'.jpg

Life on the Edge II'

 20x30   =   $300.00

Western Clematis between boulders.

yellow lichen 11 21.jpg

'Puppy'  20x30

framed canvas

          = $300

Slow growing

yellow lichen on a

large boulder.

sunset trough 16 20.jpg

'Sunset Trough'   16x24  framed canvas = $250.00

web sheepherder oven fall.jpg

'Sheepherder Oven'

20x30 framed canvas


Old sheep camp oven on Summit Lake Mtn.

web clouds over orovada.jpg

'Clouds over Orovada'  20x30 framed canvas  =        $300.00

Mountain layers.jpg

'Purple Ridges'   20x30

framed canvas  =   $300.00

exhibit #19  rock toothpaste.jpg

'Virgin Valley Ash Fall'   20x30

framed canvas       =  $300.00

web just before dark fog.jpg

'Just Before Dark'   20x30

 metal           =   $250.00

 Ground fog

web humboldt city tree shack.jpg

'How Much Longer'  20x30 framed canvas =  $300.00

web contenintal lake.jpg

'Continental Lake'  16x48  canvas   NFS

Please email at:  or phone 775-941-0357 if you would like to purchase or have questions.  If purchasing and you live in Reno, I can contact you after the show ends October 29.

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