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If you are interested in ordering, 

contact Linda at or phone:  (775) 941-0357






sizes and prices: 


custom printed color photographs: 

8.5x11   =   $15.00

11x17     =    $25.00

17x22     =    $40.00


Framed canvas photographs:

12x16  =  $75.00

16x20  =  $100.00

18x24  =  $125.00

16x32  =  $125.00  (narrow photos only)

16x48  =  $150.00  (narrow photos only such as 'Covey of Quail')

20x30  =  $150.00



Add $10.00 for handling and shipping priority mail.

Photographs are mailed in a flat box.

All images are printed to the best fit for the paper size

using Premium Archival Moab Entrada paper.


Photo Note Card/Envelope:   size 5 x 7  - cost $4.00





                                            Roses in WatercolorTitle. Double click me.



Linda Dufurrena is a widely exhibited and published Nevada photographer who specializes in depictions of rural Nevada scenery and of traditional ranch life. Carolyn Dufurrena is a writer and teacher who came to Nevada as a geologist. Her articles on ranch life and regional topics have appeared in Range Magazine, and her poetry and essays have been anthologized.


Linda and Carolyn Dufurrena’s paean to Nevada’s ranch culture and to the unexpected wonders of the Great Basin landscape will linger indelibly in the memory of every reader who discovers this superb book.


$35.00 (autographed) plus $5.00 shipping

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